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Labradoodle Litter Due Soon!


Puppies Coming! We are so excited to meet our new pups! All the snuggles, puppy breath, watching them learn and grow is always so special. Charlie is a 3 year old standard poodle. He has a calm temperament and gorgeous eyes! We are expecting cream, apricot, and chocolate [...]

Labradoodle Litter Due Soon!2020-05-27T23:58:30+00:00

Hiking with Jet


Hiking With Jet I took the boys hiking down by the stream. We took Jet and she loved exploring. Her nose goes crazy trying to sniff out and point to every new thing she finds. She was up on the bank, down by the creek, over to the boys [...]

Hiking with Jet2020-05-28T00:18:08+00:00

Marvel’s First Swim


Day at the Lake We took the pups to the lake the first day we could, and got Marvel swimming. She watched hesitantly from the shore and went and stole a few sticks that Honey brought back. You could see the delight and desire in her eyes to get the [...]

Marvel’s First Swim2020-05-28T00:15:44+00:00

New Year, New Pup


Captain Marvel Joins the Ranks We woke our little girl up on Christmas morning to her first Christmas present of the day: we were keeping the sweet black pup that she adored. She was over the moon! She is beautiful and fun and we love her! We have [...]

New Year, New Pup2020-05-27T21:57:21+00:00

Trip to the Lake


Trip to the Lake We took them down to the lake today to introduce them to the water.  They got their feet wet and ran around and played together. We love to enjoy our dogs in the water and a good foundation of getting used to water goes [...]

Trip to the Lake2019-11-24T21:45:38+00:00

Boy’s Best Friend


Jet is our 1 year old Labradoodle.  She is smart, fast, fun, and sweet, and our kids just loves her. We have loved how well she has fit into our family. She is sweet and obedient. She loved to run and play with her Mom, our lab Honey. She [...]

Boy’s Best Friend2020-05-28T00:19:21+00:00

Playing Outside Together


We had a break from the rain, a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy these sweet pups.  It's so fun to watch them playing around and "tug of war" with the toys and each other. We send the puppies home [...]

Playing Outside Together2019-11-24T22:13:16+00:00

Big Sister, Little Brother


"Jet" enjoys these puppies so much.  She loves to play with them and take care of them, and it's so fun to remember what she looked like last year! We keep the puppies isolated for several weeks when they were first born out of respect for their mom Honey [...]

Big Sister, Little Brother2019-11-24T21:57:53+00:00

Eyes Fully Open


These sweet pups just started walking. They are 3 weeks old now. They tumble over each other in the cutest way.  It's amazing how they grow and learn so quickly! At this age it doesn't take much for them to get worn out and the still sleep most [...]

Eyes Fully Open2019-11-24T22:13:32+00:00

2019 Labradoodle Puppies


2019 Labradoodle Puppies Its's that time of year! We are pleased to announce Honey's second litter of Labradoodles! Our puppies were born Sunday morning, September 29. Honey did great and delivered 2 brown males, 2 black males, and 2 black females. All of these guys are healthy [...]

2019 Labradoodle Puppies2019-10-08T00:07:43+00:00
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