Honey, the Mama

Honey is a three and a half year old AKC registered Labrador Retriever. She comes from English blood lines and has a smaller frame and a boxier head. She weighs 45 lbs. Her hips have been checked by a vet, and described as excellent. She does not have any x-rays or genetic testing done yet, but we plan to have this done in the near future. This is her second litter, and we are excited to have puppies around again!

She has been raised with babies and children around her and loves to be near people. She is obedient and is a people pleaser. She loves swimming in our lake and running around with other dogs.

Charlie – the Papa

“Charlie is a 3 yr old standard chocolate poodle.  He is a proven stud with many litters under him, all healthy and beautiful.  He is Ckc registered and Embark tested and clear.  Some of his best qualities are his calm temperament and gorgeous eyes.  Charlie has a beautiful trait availability with his colors. We love Charlie!” – https://www.standardpoodleanddoodlesofalabama.com

The Pups!

Honey will have her second litter in September! Her first litter came 8/10/18. Honey did great and the puppies were healthy as can be. They were precious! We were so excited for them to be here! Labor was relatively easy, and they were all here within a few hours. Honey is an amazing mama and took to them quickly. We couldn’t have been much happier with her first litter!


These are a few of the labradoodles from Honey’s first two litters.  They are fantastic dogs.  We have kept “Jet”from Honey’s first litter and “Marvel” from her second.   Jet is fast and can jump high, she loves to play, is obedient, and willing to lay down and sleep anywhere.  Her hair is so fun, it’s not quite curly but more slightly wavy.  She sheds much less than our lab and when she does it is easier to keep it under control because it its longer and stays together. Marvel has a curlier coat and slightly smaller.  She stays close and loves to play chase with Jet.  From other owners we have heard that they are sweet, fun, energetic and just the best dogs!